My Secrets To Increase Foot Speed and Jump Height

So you want to jump higher…and not just that that, but do it very quickly so that you can impress your friends, showing them how high you can jump?

Then this article is for you. I’m going to share with you the 2 biggest keys I learned from my friend on how to increase vertical jump quickly and easily.

So one of the biggest things when it comes to jumping higher is increasing your agility.

That is absolutely crucial for you to master because as my friend says in the video, agility is like 60% equation to jump higher.

The second skill you need to master is your strength.

If you have both agility and strength, you will have no problem learning how to jump higher.

And it’s that simple people. Combine those 2 tips and you will be dunking in no-time.

Make sure you contact me and tell me about your results y’all! Tal is out!