3 Questions You Should Ask Before Training To Dunk

Hey guys, Tal here. For this first post I want to introduce you guys to dunking by first setting your expectations. Many people who wants to increase their vertical jump often expects results in a month or 2 but that just isn’t the case of how it happens. Here are questions you should ask before undergoing vertical jump training.


So firstly, why did you want to learn how to dunk?

I assume it’s the form of thing that loads of children in all likelihood fantasize approximately, me blanketed. much like you would possibly need to grow to be an astronaut or something like that. i was usually one of the tallest youngsters in my class, however I never truly tried to dunk. And in order an person, you start wondering a bit bit approximately what styles of things you left on the desk, that you in no way really tried your hand at. and i were given it into my head that I’d select up this youth fable of mine and see if I should dunk.

What form of bodily form are you in?

You stated you were the various taller kids in faculty. How tall are you?
I’m six-two-and-a-1/2. So I’m tall, no longer very tall. when I commenced the project, i was in okay form, but now not first-rate. I weighed over 2 hundred kilos and had by no means belonged to a health club, and definitely despised working out, really. I’m 35 now; i was 34 whilst i was doing most of this work. And so a part of the venture was obviously moving into form.

How much basketball experience do you have?

Did you play in high college? As a kid? I played some pickup basketball, but I had in no way performed aggressive basketball.  years lower back, I started playing. just as some thing to do to stay a little bit energetic. The handiest prepared game I had performed competitively was remaining Frisbee. So i used to be a basketball fan, however I couldn’t execute a proper pick out and roll.

In the next post we will talk about how to increase your vertical very quickly using some of my secret methods. See you then.

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