Jumping Higher Even If You Are Lazy and Short!

This is going to be a short article but recently I was considering a thing someone who just talked to me told me. They asked “If I’m lazy and short…how can I learn How To Dunk?”

I was taken aback because I’ve heard the “short” part before but rarely do people ask if they are “lazy” whether they can jump higher.

So I really had to think since naturally I’m a go getter and love to work hard at things. I first pointed him to this video as a start:

That nailed the basics down of what he had to do to get stronger legs. But, I continued to show him more resources like other articles and videos that my help him.

I am personally totally self-taught, that’s how I learned to dunk. So anyway, the real point of this post is to be resourceful…don’t be “lazy” when you start, only when you have the results you want.

From there it is smooth cruising and your vertical jump will continue to slowly increase!

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